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     [Noticias Airsoft] WE M4 Katana System

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    KATANA WEM-4 carbine replica

    Another replica which is designed by the WE company and which introduces a number of innovatory technical solutions and which sets a new standard among the AEG type airsoft replicas.

    Just like it takes places in the case of the previous models of this company, the replica is made of a homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum, steel and high quality nylon plastic material. It characterizes itself with the perfect fitting of parts and the high aesthetic level of make. You will not find any lose parts in the replica’s construction – the whole seems to be a solid homogenous piece.

    The structurally reinforced nylon which was used in the creation of the front grip, which also holds the battery, the pistol grip and the stock presents itself perfectly among the products of the other manufacturers and similar price level – both ,if it comes to the visual aspect and the durability against mechanical damage.

    The coloristic of the metal elements – of the body, the barrel, the stock’s pipe and also the other minor metal elements – leaves nothing more to be desired.

    The inner construction itself is a compromise between innovation and functionality. The main spring release lever which is connected with the firing mode selector lever is on of the interesting and characteristic modifications. Whenever one puts the firing mode to SAFE, the spring is released thanks to which there are no unnecessary frictions inside of the gearbox. This allows to significantly extend the lifespan of the mechanical elements and also to preserve the main spring’s power.

    The most important feature of the replica is the bipartite powering unit which is named KATANA and which consists of a gearbox and an integrated pneumatic unit. Despite the fact that such idea has been known in the airsoft environment for a few years now – usually known under the name of the bipartite gearbox – the WE company managed to introduce a number of functional and essential changes and preserve a high level of compatibility with the TM standard at the same time. This allows for an easy access to the tune up and spare elements what is the WE company’s significant and doubtless advantage over other known replicas equipped with a bipartite gearbox and which are available on the market.

    The elements of the pneumatic unit itself are also made with the highest attention to details. The homogenous polycarbonate Hop-Up chamber  fulfills its role perfectly: the hop-up adjustment is done just like in any standard replica of this kind – we gain access to the adjustment system after pulling the cocking handle. It is worth mentioning that the bolt carrier’s dummy which covers the adjustment system goes back to its original position after pushing the bolt catch lever.

    The reinforced bipartite gearbox which is built on 8mm bearings hides in itself metal thread-wheels and a light polycarbonate piston.  The whole is powered by a motor which has got an increased torque.
    The bipartite KATANA type gearbox allows a quick change of the muzzle velocity by changing a homogenous and integrated pneumatic unit. There are three variants which provide different muzzle velocities. There are three units available:

    Red– the default pneumatic unit which is mounted in the replica and which is equipped with a M110 main spring. It is perfect to provide fire on middle distances.

    Blue– an optional lowered power pneumatic unit  and which is equipped with a M90 main spring. It is perfect to provide fire  in the CQB/CQC type skirmishes.

    Gray– an optional increased power pneumatic unit  and which is equipped with a M130 main spring. The perfect alternative to provide assault operations on middle and long distances.

    The change of the pneumatic unit is extremely easy and lasts, literally, seconds. It is done by “breaking” the replica upon detaching the rear mounting pin, sliding out the actually used pneumatic unit and putting in the new one (no mount is necessary – only placing the unit in the upper receiver is) and closing the body. This operation may be done in any conditions and is absolutely intuitive.

    Thanks to the basic muzzle velocity of about 370 FPS which is guaranteed by the red pneumatic unit makes the replica perfect to operate on middle distances.
    The replica is fully prepared to operate with the LiPo and LiFe batteries.

    The replica is equipped with a top 22mm RIS rail, a set of front RIS rails and an adjustable stock. There is a carrying handle mounted on the top RIS rail which is equipped with integrated iron aiming sights. It is possible attach any optical and electronic aiming devices when you take the carrying handle of. Thanks to the adjustable stock which is ended with an anti-skid surfaced stock’s foot it is possible to adapt the replica to the built and preferences of the shooter. The default flash-hider is placed on a 14mm counter-clockwise thread  what allows to attach a sound suppressor in its place.

    There is a spare steel hi-cap type magazine holding 300 BB pellets included in the set with replica.

    We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the movie material delivered by the manufacturer of the replica – the WE company. Important: the outer appearance of the replica presented in the material may be slightly different that the appearance of the product available in the short – both, if it comes to the color and the markings. The outer appearance of the product offered by the shop is shown in the picture.

    We highly recommend using dedicated WE magazines.
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    [Noticias Airsoft] WE M4 Katana System
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